Alverts and Hoff Receive 2023 NYO Scholarships
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Alverts and Hoff Receive 2023 NYO Scholarships

Alverts and Hoff Receive 2023 NYO Scholarships

Former Worl Scholarship provides educational support to athletes

Scholarship donors Thomas Mack of the Eyak Corporation, left, and Dawn Dinwoodie, right, present the NYO Scholarship to the 2023 recipients, Lydia Alverts and Dennis Hoffman.

The recipients of the 2023 NYO Scholarships, announced on the final day of NYO Games Alaska, were high school seniors Lydia Alverts of Chickaloon and Dennis Hoffman of Galena.

Both athletes received $1,500 to use toward their post-secondary education.

“I really appreciate it. This will help me pay for college—it will help a lot,” said Dennis, a high school senior who set an unexpected personal record this year while teaching younger kids to do NYO games at an NYO camp.

Dennis Hoffman

2023 was just his second time at State NYO Games, where he competed in the Scissor Broad Jump, the Kneel Jump, and the One-foot High Kick.

Dennis said that he’s likely to go to the University of Alaska Fairbanks this fall and hopes to major in either health science or computer science.

“Thank you to everyone who donated for the scholarship,” he said. “Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity.”

Created in 2020 to encourage athletes to stay active in the Games during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NYO Scholarship is made possible by Trickster Company, Dr. Rosita Worl, and Dr. Charles Smythe join the Worl Family and the Eyak Corporation.

Any high school senior who actively participates with an NYO Games team and who plans to attend college or vocational school can apply for this scholarship. Applicants must submit a video or written statement on the theme “How NYO has impacted my life.”

Lydia Alverts

Lydia Alverts—who was also named this year’s female Ben Snowball Individual Sportsman Award recipient—used her NYO Scholarship application essay to “convey how I felt about NYO, how I’ve grown as a person because of NYO.

This year, Lydia competed in several events, placing in the One-foot High Kick, the One-hand Reach, and the Scissor Broad Jump.

While she plans to attend school out of state, at the University of Montana, Lydia wants to bring her college degree back home to benefit her community.

“I’m hoping to major in social work. I’m also interested in juvenile justice, or law, or something in that realm, so I might get a pre-law certificate. I want to meet new people and experience new cultures—and then come back to Alaska and work here,” she said.

“I want to thank everyone who contributed to the scholarship and everyone who motivated me in NYO,” she added. “My coaches submitted a letter of recommendation, and I’m really appreciative of that, too. They’re great coaches, and they encourage me.”

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