Virtual Junior Native Youth Olympics Games in Full Swing
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Virtual Junior Native Youth Olympics Games in Full Swing

Virtual Junior Native Youth Olympics Games in Full Swing

The Junior Native Youth Olympics (JNYO) games are in full swing and for the second year in a row they are taking the competition virtual. The event, which runs from January 24-March 6, is designed to test skills and abilities originally used to maintain fitness for traditional Alaska Native subsistence activities.

The virtual aspect allows student athletes (grades 1-6) to compete in the games from their communities, making the event more accessible. Students will record their individual performances on video and submit their videos online to NYO officials for judging. Students from all cultures are encouraged to participate and celebrate Alaska’s rich history and diversity. Medals and official NYO hoodies will be awarded for first, second, and third place finishers.

Virtual Competition Schedule:

Student athletes will submit videos of individual performances according to the following dates:

  • January 24 – February 6Alaskan High Kick, Kneel Jump
  • February 7-February 20Two-foot High Kick, Seal Hop
  • February 21 – March 6One-foot High Kick, Scissor Broad Jump, Wrist Carry

Video from the virtual competition is available for media coverage upon request. For the latest information, follow the action on JNYO’s Facebook page for results and live award ceremonies.

See the JNYO schedule and details here.

NYO Resources:


For more information regarding the JNYO Games, please visit the NYO website or reach out to Adele Villa, at 907-793-3412 or at

CITC is grateful to the many sponsors, coaches, teachers and members of our nationwide NYO community who make NYO possible each year.

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