2024 NYO Games Art Contest Winner
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2024 NYO Games Art Contest Winner

2024 NYO Games Art Contest Winner

Docyden Su’a-te’o, a sixth grader from College Gate Elementary, is the talented artist behind the 2024 NYO Art Contest winning design!


Introducing the winner of the 2024 NYO Games Art Contest: Docyden Su’a-te’o, a sixth grader from College Gate Elementary in Anchorage.. Docyden’s winning design will adorn all merchandise available for purchase at both the Jr. and Sr. Games, as well as online.

Here’s a bit more about the inspiration behind Docyden’s design, as shared by Kristi Therriault, his sixth-grade teacher:

“We never had a JNYO team at our school before. When my students saw the old shirts from previous years, they became curious about the games. This sparked discussions where students from both my class and the immersion class shared stories from their villages and cultures about the games, along with various animal tales and origin stories.”

For the shirt design contest, Docyden aimed to unify these diverse stories and showcase the collective spirit. His design incorporates symbolic elements, such as the whale tail representing the north and water animals, fish bones symbolizing the total use of animals with no waste, and a fishing net to depict salmon and subsistence living. Additionally, each game is represented, symbolizing the competition events and the shared traditions and stories that bring everyone together.

Kristi emphasizes that Docyden’s design is inclusive, representing everyone and not favoring any particular group. The result is a powerful representation of unity through shared stories and experiences. The educational value of this project has been extraordinary, turning the shirt design into a meaningful and enriching learning experience for all involved.

Thank you, Docyden, for sharing your talent and creating the winning art entry! It will be available for purchase on official NYO merchandise this weekend at the JNYO Games!

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